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Philippine Airlines I expected a lot from you. You have known for being reliable airline for being on time. I travelled a lot with Cebu Pacific and I really amazed them if they leave on time because they have known for always late and always delayed. That never surprised me at all. When I travelled with them I always on calm and I always expect for delays and all that stuff. FYI 5J is LCC in the PH and you all know that much that they offer a lower fare compare than PR. You have fleets travelling across the globe. You catered a large market in travel. A flag carrier of the Philippines. I know you know that much. I am just an ordinary filipino citizen. I dont have power in the government but I have right to express myself, my frustrations and devastations. I have a travel background so not just PR that I know - specically All carrier across the globe. Do you know why I am comparing PR and 5J? Because you always have a priority clearance given by the government(Tower Control)! So with that I dont see any valid reason why you delayed a flight in the first place. What I feel today I am paying money for flight with a purpose but it is not beneficial to me at all. Why? Because you delayed my flight I was not able to attend the event I arrived late in MNL 2100h supposedly at 1800h. They'd all done! You dont know what I went through that night. I took habal-habal to reach my destination to hope that I can see just a little bit of it. Its too late, they'd all done. The event is done, everything is done! Do you know that feeling? You tried your so called superman like capabilities but its too late. Do you know that feeling your mother was in danger and the only thing that can save her life is time @ 1800 waiting for the antidot that belongs to me. Every minute is precious, seconds really matter - I know that example so exaggerated and you now laugh at me because you never had a chance to experience those kind of crucial things. But I know you know what I meant for.

DONT EVER SAY SORRY FOR THE INCOVENIENCE DAHIL SUPER GASGAS NA SA SAKIN YAN. I cant feel the sincerity in it. I dont need sorry, I dont need compensations or anything na pampalubag loob. HINDI KO KAILANGAN YAN.!! I dont want take anything para lang mawala tong naramdam. I BOUGHT for that ticket with a PURPOSE as in PURPOSE! Pero wala akong napala BIGO lang. Nakakaiyak kayo PAL I choose PR akala ko aabot ako. PERO WALA.

Dont worry I will post this in all Social Media platform and I know maraming tao hindi lang ako ang nakaka experience nang ganito! You ruined my life that night. Regardless if I die in the aircraft crash I dont care atleast they know that I left on time and never arrive dahil bumagsak yung eroplanong sinsakyan ko. Acceptable pas sakin yun. Ngayon alam nyu kung gaano ako ka desperado ngayon. ALAM nyu na! Even my own life has no precious at all.

And the only respond that I can get is Sorry for the inconvenience! I am not deserved with this for losing that oppotunities. My heart really need an acceptance that everything will goes wrong!

Emmanuel Lonce - Loser now because of PAL

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