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I had a 12 hour flight from London to Manila. Seated next to me was a morbidly obese man who overflowed over the arm rest into my seat. I ended up squished against his body and having to sit on my side with my legs under my arm rest (I had the window seat) - for 12 hours. I have claustrophobia and spent the whole flight fighting waves of anxiety. There was no inflight entertainment and when I asked the steward if I could move he said it wasn't...
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kab820kfb Sounds like a total nightmare! That is a fear of mine as I fly quite a bit. You should be given a complimentary ticket for enduring that!


Anonymous As someone who is obese myself, I would agree with the previous comment. When I fly, I purchase two seats. There is no reason for myself or the person sitting near me to be ...

I didn't like
  • Ignore requests for help
  • Bad policy for customer discomfort
  • No solution given on board